Thursday, March 15, 2007

VOTE March 27 in Special Election to Select Nassau County Legislator Representing Glenwood Landing and Western Glen Head

A special election is scheduled for the 11th Nassau County Legislative District, which includes Glenwood Landing and western Glen Head, on March 27 (see Civic Spot posting Musical Chairs Upstate Affect Glenwood Landing & Glen Head, February 18).

Wayne Wink of Roslyn is the Democratic candidate. Louis Chisari of New Hyde Park is the Republican candidate. Mr. Wink also is endorsed by the Working Family and Independent parties. Mr. Chisari also is endorsed by the Conservative Party. Both candidates are attorneys.

Mr. Chisari, 38, ran unsuccessfully for North Hempstead town clerk two years ago and for State Assembly last year.

Mr. Wink, 40, currently serves on the North Hempstead Town Council. He was an aide to the late Barbara Johnson when she was a North Hempstead Town Board member and a county legislator representing the 11th District. Mr. Wink voted no on the Glen Harbor application for a change of zone from industrial to multi-family residential, saying that there were still too many unresolved issues to grant the request.

Glenwood Landing and western Glen Head are the Nassau County 11th Legislative District's northeasternmost communities. A special election is necessary to fill the county seat vacated by Democrat Craig Johnson, who recently won another special election to fill the New York State Senate seat vacated by Republican Michael Balboni, the state's recently appointed homeland security chief.

According to the Nassau County Board of Elections, voting will take place at your usual polling place. To find out if you are in the 11th Legislative District and to confirm where to vote, contact the Board of Elections (571-2411). A map of Nassau County Legislative District 11 is posted on the county website. The Board of Elections said it plans a mailing notifying registered 11th District voters about the election and telling them where to vote.

In search of Nassau County Legislative District 11

According to the Board of Elections, Nassau County's 11th District includes all of Glenwood Landing and Roslyn Harbor and part of Sea Cliff, as well as all or portions of Albertson, East Hills, Flower Hill, Garden City Park, Herricks, Manorhaven, Plandome Manor, Port Washington, Port Washington North, Roslyn, Roslyn Estates, Roslyn Heights, Sands Point, and Searingtown.

Glen Head is not listed, although the western portion of Glen Head does appear to be in the district and legislative aides have confirmed that it is. In any case, District 11 voters, you know who you are!

Before the advent of zip codes, Glenwood Landing extended east, into portions of what are now known as Glen Head. This may, possibly and at least partly, account for why Glen Head does not appear on the Board of Elections list of District 11 communities. Of course, it may also be because it is difficult even for professionals to keep track of so many election and special districts, especially in areas such as Glen Head and Glenwood Landing, which seem to be so often divided by so many weirdly drawn lines.

The Nassau County Republican Committee refers to Mr. Chisari as "an attorney from New Hyde Park." The October 21, 2005 edition of the Great Neck Record states that Mr. Chisari has been a resident of Garden City Park for almost his entire life." Although the Nassau County Board of Elections lists Garden City Park as being partly in District 11, New Hyde Park does not appear on the list.

Considering how difficult it often is for ordinary citizens to keep track of election districts and to get any information at all about candidates in local elections, it would be helpful if the Republican Committee would refer to Mr. Chisari's proper residence, which is, presumably, in District 11 and is, presumably, in Garden City Park.

A brief history of Nassau County Legislative Distrct 11

The Nassau County Legislature and all original legislative district boundaries were established in 1993, replacing the Board of Supervisors. The original district boundaries were redrawn in 2003. Originally, Glen Head and Glenwood Landing, Sea Cliff, Glen Cove, and Locust Valley were included in one cohesive district. Glenwood Landing and Glen Head's previous legislative representatives include Democrat Brian Muellers and Republican John Canning.

Barbara Johnson, Mr. Johnson's mother and predecessor in the 11th district, never represented Glenwood Landing or Glen Head, as she died while in office in 2000, before the new district line was drawn. Mr. Johnson first won his county seat in a special election shortly after his mother's untimely passing.

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