Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Submits Questions to Special Election Candidates in Nassau County Legislative District 11

The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association has submitted the questions below to Louis Chisari (R, C) and Wayne Wink (D, I, WF), the two candidates who are seeking to represent Nassau County Legislative District 11 in the special election secheduled for Tuesday, March 27. We look forward to receiving reponses from both candidates and plan to post their answers. For more information about the special election, consult previous postings.

1) What is the most important single contribution you hope to make as a county legislator?

2) What differences and similarities do you perceive among the communities in District 11, and how might these factors impact your service to those communities?

3) What is your view of the county’s role on the Hempstead Harbor Protection Committee and the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee, and how would you advance the water quality improvement efforts of these inter-municipal organizations?

4) How can the decay of the historic structures and gardens under county jurisdiction be reversed, and what would you do to encourage historic preservation in general?

5) What is your policy on open space, and how would you protect open space in Glenwood Landing and Glen Head?

6) What role can the county play in reducing traffic congestion and sprawl, both countywide and in Glen Head and Glenwood Landing in particular?

7) What would you do to ensure that payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) and/or taxes on utility properties in Glenwood Landing are paid and not reduced?

8) What is the county’s most significant public safety and disaster vulnerability, and how would you address it?

9) What measures would you introduce to make county government more efficient and more accessible to the public?

10) Are you willing to work in a bi-partisan manner, and what will you do to encourage bi-partisan cooperation among your colleagues?

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