Sunday, August 09, 2009

Site Plan Approved for Glenwood Landing Waterfront Apartments

On Tuesday, August 4, the North Hempstead Town Board unanimously approved the site plan proposed by Glen Harbor Partners for a waterfront condominium apartment complex on Hempstead Harbor in Glenwood Landing south of the Power Station.

However, an amendment to the resolution of approval proposed by Councilman Fred Pollack and approved by the board stipulates that public access and open space issues remain open.

The United Civic Council, on behalf of the six civic groups in the neighborhoods closest to the site, submitted a lengthy list of comments, questions, and concerns relative to site plan review and requested a response in writing and a follow up meeting. Many issues remain unresolved. Among them, a flood evacuation plan for the vehicles of apartment complex residents.

The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor also presented a lengthy list of concerns and comments.

Public Access and Open Space

The Glen Head - Glenwood United Civic Council requested that details regarding public access and open space be clearly outlined in a legally enforceable document, such as an easement or right of way, that runs with the land.

In response to the civic council's request for a wider waterfront boardwalk, the applicant agreed to locate benches in bump outs along the the public 10-foot-wide walkway shown on the site plan. The Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor pointed out that the setback between the boardwalk and the bulkhead is unclear.

The applicant said the walkway would provide access at both the northern and southern ends of the boardwalk, there would be no gate, three public parking spaces would be located near the southern side of the boardwalk, and the complex's homeowner association would be responsible for ongoing maintenance.

The applicant said that a parcel on the east side of Shore Road will be "dedicated" to the town after cleanup. Presumably, the parcel will remain open space. There has been no public discussion about how or when the parcel will be landscaped, whether access will be provided, the activities that may or may not be permitted, or how access will be provided.

The civic council also requested that the town construct a canoe/kayak launch at the western end of Scudders Lane as soon as possible. A Hempstead Harbor Blueway Trail is a priority in the Hempstead Harbor Management Plan. The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association originally submitted the request for a non-motorized water trail in 2003 with Tom Halton, then a Roslyn Harbor Trustee, through the Environmental Legacy Fund, the town's environmental bond act.

The civic council also requested that the landscaping plan be revised to include more native flowering perennials attractive to birds and butterflies, including an area between the pool and patio and the boardwalk that is currently shown as a lawn.

Sewer Line

The applicant said that Glen Harbor Partners had obtained letters from Nassau County and the Village of Sea Cliff regarding acceptance of a sewer line to be constructed along Shore Road and through Sea Cliff, terminating at the treatment plant in Glen Cove. The town had previously said that all approvals are continent upon the sewer line.

In July, the Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association met with Nassau County Legislator Diane Yatauro and representatives from the Dept. of Public Works regarding the sewer line. The county agreed to assess whether hookups for homes near the apartment complex might be feasible.

The applicant also said that the bulkhead would replaced, HVAC equipment would be located on the ground rather than the roof, and the elevator shafts would be located in a clock tower in the center of the roof.

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