Saturday, June 20, 2009

Helpful Comments on Glen Cove Waterfront Proposal from Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor

The sample letter below, from the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor, expresses the view that the waterfront development project proposed for Glen Cove Creek is unsuitable in its present form, largely because the scale of the project is too large.

The Coalition invites people who agree with this sentiment to use the letter as a template for expressing their positions to the the City of Glen Cove. The invitation could not be more timely. A public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the project is scheduled for June 25 at 8 P.M. at City Hall, Main Chambers, 9 Glen Street. Written comments will be accepted until July 10. Comments may be submitted to Lois Stemcowsky, Planning Board Secretary, City Hall, 9 Glen Street, 3rd Floor, Glen Cove, NY 11542 (516-676-4448).

See The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Spot posting Hearing Set for Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Glen Cove Creek Development, June 20, for more links relevant to the project proposed for the Glen Cove waterfront.


Sample Letter prepaed by the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor:

I am opposed to the RXR Glen Isle mixed-use waterfront development project proposed for the north side of Glen Cove Creek for the following reasons:

• The density of the development is out of character with our community.

• The 12-story buildings will destroy treasured view corridors.

• The 12-story buildings are out of character with any development along our harbor shoreline.

• The 12-story buildings will set a precedent for other development in Glen Cove.

• The additional traffic generated by the development will choke local roadways.

• Construction and the density of the development have the potential to adversely affect fish and bird habitats for areas adjacent to the development.

• Lighting and noise will adversely affect our quality of life.

• The proposed development will create overwhelming demands on fire and police protection, emergency services, schools, and other services.

Whatever is built along the waterfront should be scaled down from the current proposal to protect the local environment and preserve our quality of life and our coastal landscape.

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