Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Just Say No to 24/7 Retail in Glen Head" Rally Planned

Residents of Glen Head and Glenwood Landing opposed to the possibility of a round-the-clock convenience store at the southeast corner of Glen Cove Avenue and Glen Head Road plan to hold a protest rally at the site on Saturday, August 22, from 9:30 a.m. until about noon.

The organizers invite the participation of all neighbors who share their concerns about the noise, traffic, trash, and security problems that such a use would bring to Glen Head.

The site is currently owned by Sunoco. A local developer is in contract to purchase the site, refurbish it, and lease it to a tenant who would open a 7-Eleven convenience store.


Anderson said...

Love the retro diner idea...

7-11 should be on Glen Cove Road across from TD Bank!

Anonymous said...

This is a horrendous idea! when I lived in TX (home to the Southland corp., owners of 7/11)you could actually stand in the parking lot of one 7/11 ans see another one down the road. Have you ever been to 7/11 in Glen Cove in the evening hours? Not a pleasant environment! will the riff raff who currently occupy the parking lot across from Ralph's move 100 ft. north? I don't believe the developer will walk away from this deal if he doesn't have to. I encourage everyone to show up on saturday, 8/22 to voice their opposition to this horrible idea!