Sunday, August 09, 2009

7-Eleven May Open on Sunoco Property in Glen Head

The 7-Eleven company, a subsidiary of the Japanese-based firm Seven & I Holdings Company, is interested in opening a 7-Eleven store on the Sunoco property at the southeast corner of Glen Head Road and Glen Cove Avenue.

7-Eleven requires its stores to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; the company sells more cold beer than any other U.S. convenience retailer; and Christmas and other holidays are the company's biggest sales days. Based on collective living memory, this would be the first 24-hour operation in central Glen Head. The parcel is zoned general business. The town code contains no restrictions regarding hours of operation under the general business zone.

There are more than 36,300 7-Eleven stores worldwide. 7-Eleven became a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Company in 2007. That same year, the parent company announced it would add 1,000 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. and has been delivering on that policy ever since.

The Glen Head - Glenwood United Civic Council has contacted the Town of Oyster Bay, Sunoco and 7-Eleven and met with the developer currently in contract to purchase and renovate the site. A petition opposing a 7-Eleven is circulating.

If you oppose 24/7 operation in Glen Head and do not want the traffic, new hang-out, and interference with local business that a 7-Eleven store would bring, let the 7-Eleven company know.

Joseph DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Robert Cozens, Vice President, Northeast Division, can be contacted at 972-828-7011 / 7-Eleven, Inc., Post Office Box 711, Dallas, TX 75221.

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