Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TOB ZBA Hearing on Motts Cove Rd Subdivision Rescheduled

The Town of Oyster Bay Zoning Board of Appeals hearing for a subdivision proposed for the east side of Motts Cove Road just south of the footbridge has apparently been rescheduled for Thursday, July 26.

The parcel straddles Glen Head and Roslyn Harbor. Five lots are proposed for the Glen Head portion; one is proposed for the Roslyn Harbor portion. The parcel is sloped and irregularly shaped and contains water features.

TOB recently held a hearing on code amendments that could, potentially, reduce the number of lots permitted on the parcel. Among the most relevant is an amendment concerning steep slopes and wetlands (see Study Addresses Community Character in Glenwood Landing and Glen Head, April 6; Civic Documents Architectural Styles of Glen Head & Glenwood Landing Homes, April 2.

At a recent Town Board hearing on the amendments, John Chase, the attorney for the subdivision applicant, argued that Glen Head and Glenwood Landing should be exempted from such amendments. According to Mr. Chase, his client's land is the last parcel available for development in the area, steep slope protections have nothing to do with environmental concerns and everything to do with density in relatively densely populated areas, and a reduction in the number of lots would bankrupt his client.

Mr. Chase said that these so-called facts should exempt his client—and all of Glen Head and Glenwood Landing—from the code changes being considered. The Civic Association disagrees with Mr. Chase on all points and so stated at the Town Board hearing.

Most incorporated villages surrounding Glen Head and Glenwood Landing have adopted similar measures as those being reviewed in TOB, making it imperative that Glen Head and Glenwood Landing follow suite to avoid becoming an even more appealing target for spot developers interested in the quickest and easiest buck possible.

For more information about the ZBA hearing, contact TOB (624-6232) and see Civic Spot postings Zoning Hearing Scheduled for Subdivision on Motts Cove Road in Glen Head, April 16; Adjournment Requested for Motts Cove Variance Hearing, April 24. Agenda changes are common, so be sure to check with TOB if you plan to attend the hearing. You may also write to the ZBA at 54 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, NY 11771.


Bryan said...


I've come to find out about a plan for building athletic fields at Tappen Beach and eliminating some of the picnic area. I understand you may know something about it. Care to fill us in?

Bryan Brown

Patrice Benneward said...

I know very little, would like to know more, and have just posted what little information I have.