Monday, June 25, 2007

New Athletic Field at Tappen Beach?

The Town of Oyster Bay is apparently considering installing an artificial turf athletic field at Tappen Beach. As of this writing, how installation of such a field might affect view corridors and existing amenities—such as the picnic area, playgrounds, gazebo, roller hockey ring, trees, marina, sitting area north of the pool, and parking lot—is unknown to the Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association.

Whether the field would be available to all residents or just to members of certain clubs also is unknown. The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association recognizes there may be a need for more athletic fields in the area. However, we believe a study is needed to assess this potential need and the possible locations for such fields.

We believe that the installation of an athletic field at Tappen Beach is a major change in use that requires public input and a formal hearing. We also believe that a new comprehensive plan for Tappen Beach that has been fully vetted by the public is a necessary precursor to such a change. Because the possible acquisition of the utility properties affects the ability to plan, we believe that the town should aggressively pursue acquisition of the these properties despite the pending sale of KeySpan.

In all cases, the Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association is committed to maintaining and maximizing view corridors and to passive uses at Tappen Beach. We also believe that amenities at Tappen Beach should be open to all residents, regardless of whether or not they belong to a particular club.

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