Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two Thousand Neighbors Receive Civic Newsletter

The distribution of the Fall 2006 issue of the Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association Newsletter is just about complete, with nearly 2,000 pieces delivered thanks to a great team effort. About 1,200 were mailed to all of Glenwood Landing and the portion of Glen Head between Kissam and Scudders lanes and Glen Cove and Cody avenues. The reminder have or are in the process of being distributed in other neighborhoods, including Radcliff Manor, Todd Estates, and Glen Knolls.

Many thanks to all, especially the hand distributors. A distribution of this magnitude costs about $550. Your efforts help to keep costs down.

The newsletter contains information about two major items: the Nassau County Environmental Bond Act, which will be on the ballot in November, and the Glen Harbor Partners rezoning application to make way for a condominium apartment building on the Glenwood Landing Waterfront south of the Glenwood Landing Power Station. The North Hempstead Town Council is scheduled to vote on the application on November 14. See previous Civic Spot postings and check out the links at right for more information about these matters.

If any reader would like to distribute materials in his or her area, contact the civic association; extra copies are available. One problem has surfaced in connection with hand distribution, however: some hand-distributed pieces have been left in mailboxes. This is against postal regulations and could endanger the civic association's mailing permit. Any items that are distributed door-to-door should be wedged into a secure spot, such as under a mat, in a door handle, or in a fence or railing. It's important for the newsletter to be secured because we do not want to litter. The newsletter must never be placed in mailboxes.

The Post Office is serious about this. The Glen Head Post Office reports that items left in mailboxes will be confiscated. Thus, all the work and expense of preparing and distributing the newsletter would be for naught. In some cases, confiscation may have already occurred. In addition, the Glen Head Post Office says that if Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association newsletters on which no postage has been paid continue to be found in mailboxes, the civic association's mailing permit may be revoked.

This is something we hope to avoid. Plus, we appreciate all the work our local post office workers do for us, and we don't want to cause them headaches. At the very least, we can hope that the intended reader of the newsletter is the person that throws it in the trash—not a post office worker!

The civic association's policies require that it strive to comply with federal and local codes in all matters. That's why, for example, we do not post items on telephone poles, a practice prohibited by the Oyster Bay town code. Similarly, ever since the civic association was formed, we have asked that people who distribute items for the civic association or who copy civic association items for distribution on their own never use mailboxes.

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