Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Mounts Major Push to Support County's Envrionmental Bond

The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association has mounted a major effort to inform neighbors about the $100 million environmental bond act that will appear on the ballot on November 7. More than 2,000 newsletters containing information about the bond, its costs, and its potential benefits have been distributed to the neighborhood west of Glen Cove Avenue and east of Shore Road between Scudders and Kissam lane (see postings below).

The distribution also includes several nearby developments, including Todd Estates, Glen Knolls, and Radcliff Manor. The newsletter also contains information about the North Hempstead Town Council vote to rezone property on the west side of Shore Road from industrial use to residential use and suggestions about what residents can do if they wish North Hempstead councilmembers to consider their input on November 14, when the matter is scheduled for action.

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lisa ott said...

Dear Patrice and Civic Members.

Thank you so much for supporting the new Bond in such a generous way. It is really important to our future.

We will have yard signs available after the 27th and a few banners if you all would like some.


Lisa Ott, North Shore Land Alliance