Sunday, September 17, 2006

TNH Vote on GWL Waterfront Rezone Set for November

The North Hempstead Town Council is scheduled to vote on the Glen Harbor Partners proposal to rezone a portion of town-owned and privately-owned land on the Hempstead Harbor Waterfront in Glenwood Landing from industrial use to multi-family residential on Tuesday evening, November 14. Town of North Hempstead Councilmen Tom Dwyer and Fred Pollack have confirmed the new date. The vote had originally been scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, after a hearing held in August was closed.

A four-story, 60-unit, 57,000-square-foot condominium apartment building with ground-level parking underneath the building has been proposed for the waterfront site immediately south of the Glenwood Landing Power Station (see previous postings). An Environmental Impact Statement has been prepared by Glen Harbor Partners and was accepted by the Town Council last spring.

Applications for zoning changes are heard by Town Council, while applicants for zoning variances are heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). If the Town Council grants the zoning change, the action apparently will clear the way for the sale of the town-owned portion of the parcel to Glen Harbor Partners and for a ZBA hearing to consider two variances: one to permit a ground-level parking garage underneath a building with four floors of living space; the other to permit four stories of living space. The height of the proposed building is said to fall within the 50-foot limit established by the town code.

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