Sunday, September 17, 2006

$100 Million County Bond for Open Space on November Ballot

At a special session of the Nassau County legislature on Tuesday, September 5, legislators unanimously authorized a $100 million Environmental Bond that will be on the ballot in November 2006. If voters approve the bond, it will cost the average taxpayer $1.30 per month or $16 per year.

A $50 environmental million bond, the first of its kind at the county level, was overwhelmingly approved in November 2004. That bond has preserved more than 72 acres of land and funded purchase of development rights to 43 acres and many park improvements and clean water projects. These expenditures were authorized after exhaustive public outreach by a nonpartisan advisory committee. The propane field in Glenwood Landing was on the list of recommendations and would likely remain on a list compiled for another round of county funding.

A second county bond also could be a potential source of funds for reclamation of the Hinfin / Harbor Fuel / Town of North Hempstead / Glen Harbor Partners site, the location of a proposed 57,000-square-foot waterfront condominium apartment complex in Glenwood Landing opposed by many residents (see stories below).

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