Saturday, October 31, 2009

TOB Considers Purchase of Glen Head Lot

According to information mailed to many local residents in October, the Town of Oyster Bay (TOB) is exploring the possibility of purchasing the former Sunoco gas station property on the southeast corner of Glen Head Road and Glen Cove Avenue for use as a pocket park or village green.

Glen Head - Glenwood Civic Council President George Pombar reports that TOB has confirmed that the town is seeking an appraisal of the property and will negotiate with whomever owns the property once the appraisal is complete and a decision is made about whether to move forward with purchase. According to Mr. Pombar, TOB anticipates that the appraisal process will conclude in about a month.

TOB's interest in the property came after the Civic Council approached the town about the desirability of passive open space at this highly visible, central location.

The Sunoco Corporation put the property on the market about two years ago. Four months ago, an Old Brookville resident signed an agreement for purchase, intending to sign a lease with the 7-Eleven Corporation to open a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a week convenience store.

Concerned about such a use at this location, seven local civic associations (all members of the Glen Head-Glenwood Civic Council, Inc.), approached the new owner about their misgivings. The purchaser subsequently abandoned the 7-Eleven plan for an agreement with the owner of the Super Seven store on Glen Cove Avenue. This agreement envisions a convenience store that would, supposedly, close by 10 P.M. and that would include an unmanned automatic car wash.

"We have heard from many residents that a pocket park or village green would be desirable at this central, highly visible location, and we were quick to let the Supervisor know," Mr. Pombar said. “The Supervisor's office has advised us that TOB is proceeding with an appraisal of the property and will negotiate with whomever the property owner is at the time the appraisal is ready, which is expected sometime next month."

Check back for news about the future of the site as it becomes available.


Bill Mozer said...

It's interesting to note that no comments have been posted to this topic.
There have been significant updates to this issue that have not been reported here.
I understand the town has withdrawn it's interest in acquiring the Sunoco property now that Election Day is over
-Bill Mozer

Ronnie said...

We heard that TOB has withdrawn it's interest in the Sunoco property, PLEASE tell us it is NOT true. Thank you. Ronnie Thyben

Anonymous said...

Apparently, you've been Vendittoed. It's kinda like being Suozzied (as in "Tom"), only it doesn't happen quite as frequently.

Anonymous said...

Certainly this is something that so many are interested in. It would truly be a shame if the TOB has withdrawn their interest in teh property. Your response on this would be grately appreciated. Alternatively, all should be calling the TOB.

Anonymous said...

Residents apparently have been "Venditto'd", just as they were when Venditto backed down against LIPA and Kessel and failed to fight against the over-priced peaking plants. Being "Venditto'd" is similar to being "Suozzied". At least you don't have to worry about being "Suozzied" any more.

Concerned Resident said...

we should all be present during the developer meetings with the town when they apply for the permits. we need to know what the correct zoning for this site is. If the type of retail, the proposed building square footage, traffic and environmental impact comply with the current certificate of occupancy and meets town code. We should voice our opposition for such a development “7 eleven” and the like, as this will cause needless traffic and pose safety issues for the town residents. If we make it difficult enough for the developer, or least make it appear as if the developer will be in a situation where the residents will fight and oppose such a development, then we can scare the developer and the developer will abandon the plans. What this lot needs is a pocket park with slides, swings, benches, flowers, hedges and grass. a green area for the residents and their children because such a park is lacking in Glen Head. Please keep everyone posted on this site so that we can all stand together and prevent a tragedy from occurring in Glen Head, if possible, write to your local council person to stop this madness. Picket, hold signs, let our voices heard that we will not allow developers to have their way in our neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Are there any recent developments with respect to this site? Can't we be creative in keeping alive the idea of a passive park? Would the cabinet maker be interest in buying a part of the property and the remainder be sold to potentially a group of private benefactors willing to do something positive for the community? Potentially there could be some tax motives that would make it more enticing? Our town area is so small and we should make every effort to make it as cohesive, inviting and engaging as possible.