Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adjournment Requested for Motts Cove Variance Hearing

The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association and Todd Estate Civic Association have requested an adjournment for the Town of Oyster Bay Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing on a six-lot subdivision proposed for the east side of Motts Cove Road on property sold to a developer by Engineers Country Club.

Five of the requested lots are in Glen Head; one lot is in Roslyn Harbor. The hearing is currently scheduled for Thursday evening, April 26. A neighboring property owner also has requested an adjournment.

The parcel appears to be characterized by a number of features that complicate the application: It spans two jurisdictions permitting two different lot sizes, it is irregularly shaped, it is steeply and irregularly sloped, and it contains two ponds. The civic associations and nearby property owners would like the opportunity to learn more about these matters before the hearing.

We also understand that the two ponds on the property were recently disturbed by activity for which no permits had been issued and that at least one stop work order was issued. Furthermore, many people who frequently travel on Motts Cove Road have commented that the amount of silt escaping from the property has increased dramatically in recent months. This would appear to be inconsistent with the state’s current emphasis on increased stormwater controls. We would like the opportunity to investigate these matters as well.

In addition, the access road shown on the application appears to be uncomfortably close to the neighboring property, which contains a mature garden with many specimen trees, as well as one of the oldest and most beautifully restored homes in Roslyn Harbor. In addition, the use of the right of way would change dramatically, from a little used service drive to an active, full-fledge road. We would like the opportunity to evaluate the impact of these changes on the adjacent property.

Finally, we were puzzled when we learned that the application was originally filed with the county planning commission. We would like the opportunity to contact the county to determine whether the application was accepted; what direction, if any, was given to the applicant; and whether, in the county’s view, a positive declaration and full environmental review with public scoping may be appropriate and what jurisdiction might become the lead agency.

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