Monday, August 28, 2006

GWL Residents on TNH Side of Line Lost in Shuffle

Overwhelming opposition to the waterfront condominium apartment complex proposed for Shore Road in the Town of North Hempstead (TNH) portion of Glenwood Landing (GWL) has generated an unexpected complication: The number of GWL residents in TNH is so modest that their voices seem to have been lost in the wave of opposition from people who live in the Oyster Bay portion of GWL, as well as those who live in the incorporated areas of Roslyn Harbor, Sea Cliff and Glen Cove.

TNH officials recently made some comments that suggested they may be under the impression that people who live in the Rams Hill neighborhood, the only residential part of GWL in TNH, have remained silent on the proposal and that some even have expressed support. Yet, at least 40 people from that neighborhood signed a petition opposing the project. The petition, which contained more than 200 signatures of people from numerous municipalities, was presented to TNH by GWL resident Sally Sotirovich earlier this month.

In addition, at least 10 people from Rams Hill attended two hearings this summer, and many of them spoke. Kristina Lacy, who lives in that neighborhood and walked the petition around it, said that she did not encounter one positive reaction to the proposed project.

In order to be certain that TNH officials are aware that residents from Rams Hill have, indeed, spoken up, the Civic Association has contacted TNH to ask the town to examine the petition for the signatures of town residents. Residents from Rams Hill also are organizing to resubmit letters to the town.

If you live in GWL on the TNH side of the line, it is important to convey your views and concerns about the project—whatever they may be and whether you have already done so or not—to TNH. Contact Supervisor Jon Kaiman (869-7700 / and Councilman Tom Dwyer (869-7696 / Be sure you let the them know you are a TNH resident and if you favor investigating the possibility of forming an inter-municipal park district (see below). The address for North Hempstead Town Hall is 220 Plandome Road, Manhasset 11030.

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