Saturday, May 27, 2006

EIS for GWL Waterfront Apartments Available at Gold Coast Library

If you want to know more about the apartment complex proposed for the Town of North Hempstead (TNH) portion of the Glenwood Landing Waterfront, you need go no further than the Gold Coast Public Library. Library Director Genellen McGrath reports that two copies of the Environment Impact Statement (EIS) for the development were delivered to the library yesterday. The document also is available online through the TNH website.

TNH will accept written comments on the EIS through June 8. The next opportunity for public input will be at a hearing scheduled when an application to rezone the property from industrial use to multi-family residential use is filed. The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association expects a rezoning application will be forthcoming.

The civic association, Hempstead Harbor Protection Committee, and Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor have been following the application and have commented at two previous hearings (see "North Hempstead Accepts Environmental Impact Statement for Waterfront Apartments in Glenwood Landing," May 23; "County Explains Role in Waterfront Sewer Line," May 10; "Sewer Line: Consider Glenwood Landing," March 19).

How the land proposed for this development is used will have a tremendous impact on Hempstead Harbor, Glenwood Landing, Glen Head, Roslyn Harbor, Sea Cliff, and the North Shore School District and will shape the character of the community and the waterfront for generations to come. The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Association urges residents to take full advantage of all opportunities to participate in the review process.

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Anonymous said...

Its always one trade off for another, The waterfront development plan should be cleaned up for public usuage. Are we North Shore residents paying off the national deficet. The TOB should be able change building codes to keep the town in the likes of its people who are striving for the betterment of the enviornment and quality of life. Not for how much revenue it will bring in to the TOB. Its about Greed and people buying people.