Saturday, February 25, 2006

Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Spot Policies


The Glenwood / Glen Head Civic Spot is intended as a clearinghouse for local information about land use, water quality, and related issues and a forum for constructive dialogue about these matters among all community stakeholders.

Items related to land use, water quality, and related issues will be posted as the information becomes available.

Making a Comment

You may visit the site just to gather information, and, if you choose, you can respond to a Civic Association posting by posting a comment of your own. Commenting is easy; just click on “comment” at the end of the appropriate Civic Association posting and start typing.

All are invited to participate: residents, developers, business owners, members of community groups, elected representatives, government employees, and anyone else.

Accuracy and Accounablity Count

Although it is not mandatory, we encourage comments to be signed and request disclosure of relevant affiliations (John Smith, XYZ Development Corp; Jane Doe, Glen Head resident). We request names and affiliations because we believe accountability is important. We also request disclosure of relevant personal interests (XYS Development Corp is involved in a change of zone application at ## Main Street; Jane Doe, resident adjacent to ## Main Street, where a zoning change application is under review).

The GW/GH Civic Association will make every attempt to ensure the accuracy of information at the time of its postings. However, the Civic Association is not responsible for errors or omissions. Some inaccuracies are inevitable. We regret any that may occur and appreciate postings that update, correct, or clarify the record.

Comments posted by visitors to the site are the sole responsibility of the author of the comment. Please check facts before posting. The Civic Association reserves the right to remove any comments deemed inappropriate due to accuracy, tone, or content, or for any other reason.


Since it’s inception, the Civic Association has strived to encourage meaningful dialogue and policies that balance the residential, recreational, economic, industrial, environmental, and commercial interests of the area.

We encourage commentary made in this spirit, believe that intelligent people can disagree, and appreciate hearing various points of view. We believe that frank, open, and polite discussion is the most effective path to solutions that are in the best interest of the community as a whole. It is in this spirit that we appreciate your participation, whether as a reader or as a reader and a commentator.

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